2021 2nd International Conference on Mechanical Instrumentation and Automation
ICMIA 2021 has been successfully closed!

ICMIA 2021 has been successfully closed!


ICMIA 2021 has been held in Bukebuzhu Hotel, Qingdao on 28-30, May, 2021 and successfully closed!

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Thank you for your participations!

Keynote Speech 1: Ata Jahangir Moshayedi   Title: Gas sensor Modeling from Simple Equation to Electronic Nose, E nose challenges

Keynote Speech 2: Jun Xu                   Title: Networked Control and Digital Design Techniques Applied in Automotive and Industrial Fields

Keynote Speech 3: Jiandong Hu                      Title: Surface plasmon resonance biosensor for the detection of plant hormones 

Keynote Speech 4: Wenbin Gu            Title: Research on Dynamic Scheduling Mechanism of Intelligent Workshop Based on Data Driven

Keynote Speech 5: Shahid Hussain                  Title: Metal organic based Nanomaterials for Outstanding gas Sensors applications


Oral Speeches 1: Jianxiong Zhu                       Title: Machine learning-enabled textile-based graphene gas sensing

Oral Speeches 3: Longhui Qin                          Title: A Decoding Method for Spike Train Signals from Tactile Sensors

Oral Speeches 4: Zhou Zheng                          Title: A high-performance humidity sensor based on in-PCB interdigitated electrodes